ISE Logik is fully committed to providing product transparency and low-VOC, sustainable, and innovative products for moisture control in concrete. Learn more about our products related to HPDs, Material Health Overview, and LEED v4 credit.

Protecting Our Future

More than ensuring that resources are just being used in an efficient way in projects, Sustainable Construction considers the environmental impacts that are created by our materials sourcing and the processes we use to get the job completed. For us, that means understanding our moisture mitigation products in terms of the impact on the environment, our community, and the entire planet. And that’s why Sustainable Construction is so important to us.

Sustainability Resources



MVRA 900 admixtures meet the standard of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative for detailed product content information.


Sustainable Minds

MVRA 900 admixture for moisture mitigation is listed with Sustainable Minds for complete transparency and greener product design.

Mindful Materials

MVRA 900 admixture for moisture mitigation is listed on mindful MATERIALS to provide sustainability information to architects, designers and engineers.