CWPA 800

Concrete Water Proofing Admixture
Streamlined concrete waterproofing with CWPA 800 through seamless liquid integration.
CWPA 800 is non-toxic, VOC-free, liquid admixture formulated to react with the hydroxide ions produced by the cement hydration process. In doing so, CWPA 800 creates additional hydration within the capillary pores and blocks them, effectively shutting down moisture vapor movement through the concrete. Manufactured with de-ionized water to remove trace mineral ions and containing no chloride-based materials, CWPA 800 will not promote nor contribute to corrosion of embedded or reinforcing steel.

Features and Benefits

CWPA 800 has been proven to significantly enhance the physical properties of ready-mixed concrete through extensive independent testing.
  • Type S Admixture (per ASTM C494/C494M)
    • Full compliance with published requirements
  • Reduced Permeability (per ASTM D5084):
    • 98% less permeable as compared to non-treated specimen
    • Protects against alkali and efflorescence attack from the concrete
    • Inhibits corrosion due to decreased permeability of concrete
  • Freeze/Thaw Durability (per ASTM C666)
  • Mitigating Effect on ASR (per ASTM C1260)
  • Mitigating Effect on Shrinkage (per ASTM C157):
    • Reduces slab warp, plastic shrinkage cracking and crazing
  • Rapid Strength Gain (per ASTM C39/39M):
    • Achieves design strength in as little as three days after casting of specimen due to more effective use of mix water throughout the concrete matrix, internally promoting curing, and increasing overall hydration efficiency
  • Completely blocked water migration through hardened concrete
    • Per CRD C48-92
    • Per DIN 1048
Multiple Uses
  • Elevator pits and retaining walls
  • Water retaining structures such as swimming pools and cisterns
  • Foundations
  • Footings and other underground structures
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Pre-cast components
CWPA 800 Value
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Liquid admixture streamlined for concrete production facility
  • Reduced labor
  • Increased safety
  • Dispenser ease with accurate batching

Available Sizes

bulk tank

Bulk tank and automated dispenser


275 Gallon Tote

55 Gallon Drum and 15 Gallon Mini-Drum

55 Gallon Drum and 15 Gallon Mini-Drum