ISE Logik admixtures require no moisture testing and are warranted to 100% RH in concrete placement. The design-build industry relies on ISE Logik admixtures to save time and money in unnecessary testing and delays for lean construction projects.

MVRA 900

Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture

Features and Benefits:
  • No moisture testing required
  • Added at time of concrete batching
  • Zero time added to job for moisture mitigation
  • ASTM C494 Type S Certified
  • Use in both normal and light weight concrete
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Certified
  • HPD (Health Product Declaration) Certified
  • NFS 61 and 372
  • Cross-compatibility warranty with adhesive manufacturer
  • Permanent and integral

CWPA 800

Concrete Water Proofing Admixture

Features and Benefits:
  • Completely blocked water migration through hardened concrete (per CRD C48-92)
  • Reduced permeability (per ASTM D5084)
  • 98% less permeable as compared to non-treated control specimen
  • Protects against alkali and efflorescence attack from the concrete
  • Inhibits corrosion due to decreased permeability of concrete
  • Mitigating effect on ASR (per ASTM C1260) – 10% reduction of effects of ASR compared to control specimen
  • Mitigating effect on shrinkage (per ASTM C157) – 10% shrinkage reduction by Day 28 from casting of specimen
  • Reduces slab warp, plastic shrinkage, cracking and crazing
  • Early strength gain (per ASTM C39/39M) – Achieves design strength in three days after casting of specimen due to internal curing
  • Type S Admixture (per ASTM C494/C494M) Certified