As the leader in moisture vapor mitigation for concrete, ISE Logik continues to form strategic partnerships with other leading companies, providing even more comprehensive solutions for our customers. We invite you to explore the availability of our MVRA 900 product formulated with these industry leaders.

Assurance LWC

You will find MVRA 900 as part of this new, breakthrough innovation from Arcosa Lightweight, America’s largest producer of rotary kiln expanded shale and clay lightweight aggregate for concrete. The combination of our moisture vapor mitigation technology with Arcosa lightweight aggregate, creates the first structural lightweight concrete system warranted against moisture vapor emissions: Assurance LWC. This permanent and integral component, dosed during concrete mixing, eliminates the need for moisture testing; thus, saving the builder time, money, and worry. Learn more at

“Assurance LWC combines our MVRA 900 admixture for concrete moisture control that is warranted to 100% RH with Arcosa’s remarkable structural lightweight aggregate to assure a successful roofing or flooring outcome,” stated David Seland, principal at ISE Logik. “This is a first in our industry.”


ISE Logik has partnered with FullForce, a leading producer of extruded polypropylene products, including over 30 types of synthetic microfibers and synthetic macrofibers for concrete applications for the ready-mix industry, to create the DuraForce family of products.

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“This was a natural alliance for both of us,” said David Seland, principal at ISE Logik. “Their innovations in reinforced concrete technology, combined with our innovative moisture vapor mitigation system, provide the industry with an unbeatable specification for concrete design and construction.”