Our MVRA 900 is in excess of 99.9% pure

In 2018, ISE Logik submitted its MVRA 900 ingredients list and received a Health Product Declaration (HPD), meaning it is Red List ingredient-free, and its formula is 99.9% pure. It also emits no VOCs. Every two years, ISE Logik voluntarily re-applies for an HPD, maintaining full transparency for the safety of its product and for the personnel who manufacture and handle it, specifiers who recommend it, and the customers who use it. See the complete report here.

What is a Health Product Declaration?

Health Product Declaration
The Health Product Declaration is a standardized format for reporting the ingredients and potential health impacts of building products. It was developed by a collaborative effort of architects, designers, and manufacturers to provide transparency and promote healthier materials in the building industry. The main goal of the HPD is to enable better decision-making in the selection of building materials by providing transparent and easily understandable information about their potential health impacts.