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Proactive Moisture Mitigation

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures

Prevents moisture migration from withing the concrete



Stops moisture from reaching the surface flooring

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Project Profiles

Lubbock-Cooper High School

Lubbock-Cooper High School | Lubbock, TX

Location: Lubbock, TX
Product Used: MVRA 900
General Contractor: Sandia Construction
Architect: Parkhill
Ready Mix Producer: Ingram Concrete

Clemens Aviation | Wichita, Kansas

Buildings:100,000 sq ft of Aircraft hangars Partial completion December 2020. Product: MVRA900 to mitigate moisture migration in all of the concrete slabs that received epoxy coatings…

Clemens Aviation | Wichita, Kansas

ELEVEN on The River | Minneapolis, MN

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Product Used: MVRA 900
General Contractor: Ryan Companies
Architect: Robert A.M. Stern
Ready Mix Producer: Aggregate Industries

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