David Seland

Construction Specifier October 2022

By Dean E. Craft, principal of ISE Logik, DBA, CSI, CDT, CCCA, ASTM, ACI Lt Col USMCR (ret.) The CURE to successful concrete slab placement and covering Proper concrete curing is critical to achieving the overall strength, durability, performance, and in many aspects, aesthetics everyone on a project expects of concrete. Further, proper curing is …

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Moisture In Concrete – Is It Really A Problem?

Dean Craft, principal at ISE Logik, will appear on Taylor Adhesives’ Taylor Time Live webinar this morning, August 16, at 11:30 am EST. Dean will discuss the moisture in concrete challenge with Seth Gladden, director of marketing and host of Taylor Time Live. Click here to watch the video

The name is Bond … Mat Bond Tests

BY DAVID SELAND, PRINCIPAL, ISE LOGIK Usually required – but are they being done? And are they being done correctly? Many in the construction and floor covering installation industries are aware of moisture tests that occur before installing floor covering materials on concrete. Hopefully, more and more are becoming aware of the requirement to test …

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A Look Inside the Concrete Slab

BY DAVID SELAND, PRINCIPAL, ISE LOGIKThere is a classic urban legend—a scary one—where a young woman is either home alone or babysitting when she gets a creepy phone call. She calls the police. They trace it and tell her, “The calls are coming from inside the house.” It’s shocking and goosebump-inducing every time because the …

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