Eden Prairie Schools

The Minnesota Eden Prairie Schools $28.2M project of the Central Middle School Addition and Remodel will support the general learning environment, including a new 700 seat theater, a new gymnasium and lobby space, a classroom addition, a cafeteria addition, a new main entrance for the school, and an Athletic Complex Reconstruction.

Eden Prairie

Project: Central Middle School Eden Prairie – 110,000 sq. ft.
Project Address: 8025 School Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Date of Substantial Completion: Fall 2021
Architect: DeVetter Design Group devetterdesigngroup.com
Construction Manager: Knutson Construction knutsonconstrruction.com
Concrete Contractor: Donlar Construction donlarcorp.com
Ready Mix Producer: AVR (Apple Valley Ready Mix) avrconcrete.com

Since AVR has started using MVRA 900 from ISE Logik, the moisture mitigation admixture has proven to be user friendly because it does not change the plastic properties of the concrete. By using MVRA 900, AVR can assure our customers satisfaction by ensuring concrete predictability.